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Deferred Giving

Those of you who make donations to The Marianites of Holy Cross are aware that your gifts are tax deductible. More importantly, you are aware that giving is about much more than tax advantages and allowable itemized deductions. Your charitable donations have made an important difference in the ministries of The Marianites of Holy Cross. Specifically, your gifts have helped to pay for the costly upkeep of the historic Holy Angels grounds that the Congregation occupies and preserves, have added to the MSC Retirement Fund, have enhanced the Home Mission fund, and have supported ongoing vocations efforts.

  • If your company offers a matching program for charitable donations, please be sure to take advantage of this important opportunity to significantly increase your gift.
  • Also, when you celebrate special occasions with your family and friends, you may want to consider requesting that donations be made in your name to The Marianites of Holy Cross, in lieu of receiving traditional gifts.

Please specify how you would like us to apply your donation:

  • For any of your needs
  • Formation of New Marianites
  • Rebuilding Prompt Succor Convent
  • MSC Mission Fund
  • MSC Retirement Needs
  • Care of MSC Historic Property at Holy Angels
  • 2010 MSC Help Haiti Fund

Thank you, and God Bless you for your generosity!