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Unies à Marie debout au pied de la Croix, nous Marianites de Sainte-Croix, sommes dex religieuses apostoliques, femmes de prière et de compassion. Notre mission, dynamisée par notre vie en communauté, est d’incarner l’amour et la compassion de Jésus Christ. Appelées à être une présence prophétique dans un monde en mutation, nous prenons partie pour les exclus.
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Once again the Marianites are participating in I Give Catholic -on behalf of the effort to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING and in support of a local SAFE HOUSE for young women - victims of sexual exploitation.
FREE INDEED is a faith-based home - within the Archdiocese of New Orleans - dedicated to the rescue and restoration of girls 12-17 years old.
We feel so strongly about this that "we will put money where our mouth is" and MATCH EVERY DOLLAR that is donated. 
You can figure it out ... your generous donation of $100 will become $200, etc. This a housing issue, a right to life issue, a health and human service issue,a heart-breaking issue.
Together - family, friends, former students, co-ministers - let's dare to make a difference putting our faith into action.
Please join us in the effort. Thank you for your consideration.

OPEN POSITION: Director of Nursing, Our Lady of Prompt Succor Health Care Facility click here   

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