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Associate Membership in the Marianites of Holy Cross has been part of the history of our Congregation since our foundation in 1841 in Le Mans, France. Our founder, Basil Moreau, and our foundress, Leocadie Gascoin, Mother Mary of the Seven Dolors, asked members of the Congregation to invite families, friends, laity and students to pray with us for the needs of the Church, for vocations, and for special concerns.

Associate Membership is for individuals whose spirituality is consistent with the spirit and mission of the Marianites of Holy Cross and who wish to share faith experiences with the Holy Cross Family.

Associates join with the Marianites of Holy Cross in a spirit of prayer and unity in order to support one another and to further the mission of the Church. They commit themselves to live the Marianite charism through their spirituality, work/ministry, and interpersonal relationships. They are also offered other opportunities for participation in the life of the Congregation. Associates are financially independent from the Congregation and live their chosen life-style.

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Commissioning of Marianite Associates

Rejoice and be glad… Ps 118:24

This simple ceremony of welcome, commitment and blessing will take place in prayer at a local MSC convent on or near September 14 or 15. Associates have their commitment cards. All sisters need the closing blessing. Sing or use music from CD’s.

Marianite # 1: At this time we commemorate that which was so near and dear to the heart of our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau. We celebrate being the family of Holy Cross … lay and religious together building the Church, the Kingdom of God.

As Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross and Marianite Associates we are on a journey together ~ and the cross is our compass. (Please invite the Associates to either stand at their places or come forward with their commitment cards, depending on their number and the space available.)

Marianite # 2: (When the Associates are in place) When Mary presented Jesus in the temple, she heard Simeon call Him a “sign of contradiction” and prophesy that a sword would pierce her own heart. This foreshadowing of the cross was her daily commitment and spiritual communion. Mary lived her seven sorrows day by day. As Marianite Associates, we ask you to now make your pledge.

Associates: In order to follow Christ more closely in the pursuit of spiritual growth, I ….., joyfully and willingly renew my baptismal promises and commit myself as an Associate of the Marianites of Holy Cross. In the spirit of Basil Moreau, I believe that the cross is my only hope. Trusting in the forceful influence of the Holy Spirit, and under the protection of Mary who stood at the foot of the cross, I affirm my desire to serve the Church in faith, hope and love as so many Marianite sisters have done before me. Amen

Marianite #1: (Invite all Marianites to raise their hands in blessings.) All Marianites: (Please pray the blessing together.) May God bless you with love to embrace your sisters and brothers… May God bless you with wisdom to seek the truth… May God bless you with strength to care compassionately… all in the spirit of the Holy Cross family. Amen.

The Prayer Path

As a child do you recall trying to help Peter Cottontail find his way through a maze to each his dinner of carrots? Unlike the traditional maze, the labyrinth ~ a symbolic journey of prayer, self-discovery and encountering God ~ has only one continuous path that focuses on important aspects of the spiritual life. The labyrinth is a place where participants can get away from all the busyness of their lives and dedicate time to contemplation. In praying the labyrinth, a person takes the long journey inward.

The modern labyrinth experience has roots that stretch back thousands of years. Christian artists and thinkers of medieval times developed the Roman pattern into a new and beautiful form featured on the floors in many Cathedrals. It was marked out in colored stone or tiles from ten to forty feet in diameter. The Chartres Cathedral in northern France is the archetype and perfection of all medieval labyrinths.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Chartres, has a strong connection to the Marianites. Mother Mary of the Seven Dolors made many prayer pilgrimages to Chartres as did Fr. Moreau. He was praying there in the crypt when the first Constitutions of the Marianite Congregation were approved by Rome.

After the approval of Marianite Congregational leadership, our MSC Associates would like to sponsor the building of a labyrinth on one of our Marianite properties: Holy Angels, Prompt Succor, Our Lady of Holy Cross. The labyrinth would be available for public use with the intent of promoting deep, interior prayer and life-changing spiritual nourishment.

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