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Reflection on Our Marianite Mission Statement: Sr. Cynthia Knowles

Posted on: January 10, 2010 | Posted in: Archive

MSC Mission Statement:
United with Mary standing at the foot of the cross, we, Marianites of Holy Cross, are apostolic religious, women of prayer and compassion.
Our mission, energized by our life in community, is to incarnate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Called to be a prophetic presence in an ever-changing world, we resolutely stand with those who are excluded.

After a change in ministry and a change in scenery, I knew I needed a prayer adjustment. How so? I recently began a new ministry in pastoral care at a Continuing Care Community facility, and the call to be a compassionate presence has challenged me to go deeper and to look beyond what I thought possible for myself on my spiritual journey. In my earlier years of ministry, I never entertained the thought of spending time with the elderly. Now, each day I am called to look beyond the weakened hands and feet, the clouded eyes that struggle to see, ears that are often closed to the sounds of our world, wrinkled skin that shows years of wear and tear, ears that are often closed to the sounds of our world, and minds that strive with great effort to remain alert. It is there I see the suffering face of Christ. The elderly have many needs and long for relief from pain, and for a comforting and compassionate presence. Often, none of these are available.

What can I do? My prayer adjustment! Each morning I go down to the potters house, (Jeremiah 18) and I beg the potter to refashion me and mold me into a clay vessel worthy of my ministry. Yes, with my senior residents, the potter has a new set of helpers, and together they are working hard to plug up the leaks in the clay vessel that I am as I continue to embrace a new aspect of being a woman of prayer and compassion.

Subsequent issues will feature other sisters comments in the Mission Statement.