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The Holy Cross International Justice Office

The Holy Cross International Justice Office is a collaborative effort of the four Holy Cross Congregations that claim Rev. Basil Moreau as their founder: the Marianites of Holy Cross (headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana), the Sisters of the Holy Cross (headquartered in South Bend, Indiana), the Sisters of Holy Cross (headquartered in Montreal, Canada) and the Priests and Brothers of Holy Cross (headquartered in Rome, Italy). Each of these Congregations is international in scope, comprising 3,000 members in countries all over the world.

HCIJO alerts its members when action is needed to support a justice issue. Members may then respond through e-mail, telephone or fax to contact their government officials or other prominent leaders in the world community. Members register their opinions so that positive change can occur which will benefit especially the poor and needy of our world.

The Justice Office also produces materials that present background information about the social justice issues of our times so that members may make informed decisions. For more information, please Past and current issues of its newsletter Perspectives can be downloaded from the web site. The web site also posts important documents in several languages, documents that are critical to understanding the complex issues in today’s world.

HCIJO will be encouraging all to study the Earth Charter and will focus on its three sections over the next three years: Ecological Integrity, Social and Economic Justice and Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace.

WHAT IS ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS? Click for a definition by the Holy Cross International Justice Office.